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Details of Beneficiaries and No. of Aids and Appliances Distributed for various types of PwDs during 2014-15 under ADIP scheme


   Type of  Activities ( Camp / Headquarter )  :  Both Camp  &  Headquarter  ( 04-Nos.)                                                   Name of District  :    Howrah

No. of Aids and Appliances Distributed
Sl. No.

Name of


01 West Bengal 91 Tricycle Wheel Chair All kind of Crutches/ Rolators / Braces/Walkers Walking / Frames/ Cervical Collars Artificial limbs fitted (Lower & Upper) Hearing Aid Calipers Braille Writing equipments and other assistive low vision Aids and other assistive Aids  M. R. Related assistive devices Corrective surgeries done  Others 
    Details of Beneficiaries and AID & Appliances Distributed  under ADIP Scheme Enclosed with  the Hard Copy of the Report sent to the Sponsoring Authority  28 06 03 Nil 23 Nil Nil 31 Nil Nil
Total   28 06 03 Nil 23 Nil Nil 31 Nil Nil



 Consolidated Statements of No. of  PwDs distributed aids/appliances from grant-in-aid received under ADIP Sheme.




Visually Handicapped Hearing Handicapped Mentally Retarted Multiple Disabled
2014-15 36 Nil 23 31 01
Total 36 Nil 23 31 01

{Signature of the Key Person of the ‘IA’( Howrah Green World)}                       (Signature of the DSWO/BWO/Concerned Authority)